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LEXUS PRESENTS: 'SUITS' partner track 

Lexus has partnered with the USA network drama 'Suits' for the upcoming release of its 8th season. The campaign features Emmy-nominated actor Dulé Hill ("The West Wing", 'Psych'), who joins the show as a series regular. 

I creative directed this interactive interview that tests SUITers  (the show's hardcore fan base) knowledge, intellect, reasoning and verbal sparring skills with one of the firm's top lawyers. Do you have what it takes to compete with the associates and get the job? Be warned though, you don't get points for just showing up, you need to kill it in the interview to land the job. Who knows, you might be the partner Alex, Harvey and Louis are looking for.

This interactive experience was was promoted on the USAnetwork with this ad and was available on USAnetwork website.