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I creative directed a campaign featuring an “orca” trapped in a semi-trailer truck that drove around San Diego for a month. Just like the orcas held captive at the abusement park, our gal has been shoved into a cramped box that feels like a bathtub to these far-ranging animals. And she’s telling everyone exactly what’s wrong and what they can do to help: “Collapsed Fins. Broken Teeth. Tiny Cell. Prisoner of SeaWorld. Don’t Go!”. “Thanks, but no tanks,” to SeaWorld San Diego.

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Just ahead of “Boycott SeaWorld” Day on July 24, we got actor Bella Thorne to appears as half-human, half–suffering orca in a powerful and provocative campaign shot by top celebrity photographer Brian Bowen Smith that proclaims, “Break the Chains: Boycott SeaWorld.”

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Pointing a fire extinguisher at a ring of flames in front of an image of a cowering tiger, we got Fuller House star Juan Pablo Di Pace to appear in a campaign that states, "Extinguish Circus Cruelty." The actor, who plays exuberant dad Fernando in the popular Netflix series, urges parents never to take their children to circuses with animal acts and, instead, to take them to shows that feature only talented human performers. | E! Online | AdsOfTheWorld