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Led Zeppelin - Brandy & Coke

To celebrate the remastered release of Led Zeppelin’s iconic Physical Graffiti album, the band brought the album original iconic cover to life in a video for a rough cut of “Trampled Under Foot”. The original album cover features a photograph of a New York City tenement block, with interchanging window illustrations. 

In the interactive music video, clicking on any of the 16 windows takes the viewer “inside” 96/98 St Mark’s Place, New York, the tenement block that appeared on the album cover (When the record originally came out, it showed two conjoined buildings from Manhattan's East Village with die-cut windows, so the inner sleeves could either show the band's name and album title or clip-art-style vignettes. The new clip takes it one step further).

After pressing play, a user can click on a window and use their keyboard arrows to peer into different windows on the album cover as the song plays. Some feature people singing along; others show scenes like a woman taking a shower in her underwear, a movie theater playing the song's lyrics and a little boy rocking out in his messy bedroom. One room shows video of the band performing "Trampled Under Foot" at Earl's Court in the mid-Seventies. 

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