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a Eurovision AI SONG:
Blue Jeans & Bloody Tears


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Concept and Lead creative direction by Nimrod (Nim) Shapira Construction and Production by Allenby Concept House
Co-produced by Nimrod (Nim) Shapira
Song Curation by Amir Shoenfeld
Song Production by Avshalom Ariel
Additional song curation by Ben Scheflan, Nim Shapira, Avshalom Ariel and Eran Hadas

Music video directed by Karni and Saul @ Sulkybunny
Title design by Adam Blufarb
Illustrations by Eliran Bichman

Lyrics generation by Eran Hadas
AI and ML Team: Oracle Innovation and Oracle Cloud Asaf Sobol - Senior Business Development leader, Oracle Israel Andy Welch - Innovation engineer, Lead data scientist, Oracle UK Asaf Lev - Senior Innovation engineer, Oracle UK, Ireland & Israel David Cottee - Senior Director of Innovation, Oracle UK, Ireland & Israel

Midi conversion and Music consultation by Micha Gilad
Additional Midi conversion by Ann Streichman

Legal consultancy: Attorneys Sally Gillis and Shirley Gal from Eitan, Mehulal, Sadot.

LOVIE AWARDS WINNER - the European sister to the international Webby Awards:
Gold in Internet Video: Weird & Experimental.
Bronze in Internet Video: Viral Video.

As all of Europe (together with Israel and Australia) were glued to their TV sets watching the 64th Eurovision song competition, we asked ourselves does a Eurovision hit have special DNA? What makes it memorable? A winner?

ORACLE UK & Israel wanted to explore human creativity through technological innovation and what better to do so than to create an Artificial Intelligence Eurovision song that celebrates 7 decades of this melodramatic, kitschy & campy song competition. The project team fed hundreds of Eurovision songs – melodies and lyrics – into a neuron network. Then, algorithms produced thousands of new tunes and lines of verse, from which a few musical units were carefully selected and “welded” into a song.

The result is a Eurovision song that comprised entirely of material written and composed by Artificial Intelligence, titled "Blue Jeans & Bloody Tears". A duet on disillusioned love between man and machine, that became the Eurovision unofficial anthem of 2019. Because this year's Eurovision has been hosted by Israel for the 4th time, we reached out to legendary singer Izhar Cohen (Israel's first Eurovision winner, 1978) and musical producer Avshalom Ariel (Israel's 4th Eurovision winner, 2018) to take part in this hilarious, weird and catchy outcome.